Survey to give student feedback on courses

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Students in several classes at the end of the spring semester will be asked to complete an IDEA survey designed to get feedback about the class.

With approximately 60 multiple-choice questions, the survey is a critical part of evaluation, planning and professional development at Flagler College.

According to Randi Hagen, director of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness, IDEA stands for Instructor Development and Educational Assessment, and after compiled, the survey informs the instructor of the degree to which students feel they have accomplished the essential goals of the class, how he/she compares to other instructors in the same discipline across the country and to other Flagler faculty.

Most important, however, is the information tells the instructor which behaviors supported the goals he/she indicated were essential or important to the class.
Questions about the survey can be sent to Hagen at
For more on this survey, visit the Gargoyle site at

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