Dem Franchise Boys

On Top Of Our Game

By Nikki Lane

Dem Franchise Boyz, a rap group from Atlanta, has just dropped their new album, On Top Of Our Game to let the world know that they are the leaders of the “Snap Music” movement (see the Ying Yang Twins, David Banner and D4L).

This album is pretty good overall. The songs have choruses that are easy to yell with and some fat beats that have been produced within an inch of their life. While the majority of this album is solid, some of the songs are a slight disappointment, either being too long or too repetitive.

There are some gems of course. “Ridin Rims” — my personal favorite — is a definite club hit with TRL and single written all over it. A slow jam titled “Give Props” which I’m sure will be played during the wind down portion of nights at dance clubs.

All in all, you may want to think about downloading singles instead of committing to the whole album until you know you like this group.

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