Brilliance in Color is a ‘quiet gem’

By Veronica Holt

Every once in a while, it becomes important to leave the world of reality and stumble into the colorful imaginations of others. That is exactly how I felt upon entering the local art gallery, Brilliance in Color.

Brilliance in Color features work by twenty-five artists, according to Nicole Wolff, who works at the gallery. The gallery was started by the Cutter family, two of which are Flagler alumni, she added.

Visitors are greeted by delicate bronze sculptures of women crafted by an artist named Tuan. The detail that went into the work was incredible. Even the strands of hair were carved with care.

Behind the small bronze statues were acrylic statues, clear with the images imprinted into them. They were made by Frederick Hart. Wolff said that Hart is an internationally known artist who designed the Three Soldiers Memorial in Washington, D.C., and is the only deceased artist featured in the gallery.

One of Hart’s pieces in the gallery, “The Three Graces,” has the imprint of a woman’s face in the acrylic but uses a prism effect to make it appear that there are three faces, one on each side.

As guests move further along in the gallery, they are able to see work by Simon Bull and Robert Cook, among others. Many of Bull’s paintings are of flowers and incorporate bright, vibrant colors. Cooks paintings are situated in a darker lit room. They have a much darker feel, using earthier, dark tones and are mostly of groups of desolate trees.

The artist, Royo, is also featured in the gallery. His paintings deal primarily with women, some with babies. The tones are soft and beautiful.

These are only a few of the artists featured in the gallery. There is more for everyone to explore and take in. Brilliance in Color is one of the town’s quiet gems.

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