Absolute Americana not just American art

By Sharon Bell

The Absolute Americana Art Gallery features various forms of art from countries all around the world. With works from Portugal, Israel, China, Haiti, Greece and France, the gallery offers a diverse display of originals as well as reproductions by some of the most famous and influential artists of the 21st Century.

Perhaps the most prevalent series is the advertisements for Absolut Vodka. The original campaign began in the early 1980s and has since earned the company more than $250 million annually. The gallery contains well over 30 pieces from the Absolut collection, including works by Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Edward Ruscha.

There are also numerous ads for Absente, with the most popular being a three-headed portrait of Van Gogh holding his beloved bottle. The Absolut ad campaign has earned two Stephen E. Kelly Awards for its creativity and raised over one million dollars for AIDS relief through the “Absolut Statehood” campaign.

Americana also includes works of stained glass, sculpture and tapestry. Right when entering the gallery, the viewer is immediately drawn in to three featured tapestries from Haiti by Jean Baptiste Jean-Joseph. All three are extremely colorful cloths picturing abstract images of people doing various things. The most imaginative is of the Voodoo deity, Marass and contains meticulously placed beads to form the image of a double mermaid performing some sort of ritual.

Another unique piece is named “She Pulled My Eyes Out With A Face Like A Magnet” by Louis Recchia. The painting is comprised of 3-D images of an abstract girl gazing at a guy who is floating toward her like a magnet. To add to the magnet effect, the artist attached pieces of metal all over the painting such as scissors, chains, can openers and screws.

These are just a few examples of several amazing pieces that the Americana Gallery has to offer. Several of the works are reasonably priced and various famous prints are sold for only $25. Whether looking to add to a collection, or just to enjoy some unique contemporary art, the Absolute Americana Art Gallery, located at 77 Bridge Street, is an exciting and unique place to do it.

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