Millennials and politics don’t always mix

By Brianna Kurzynowski | Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are vital sources of information for today’s millennials. In fact, about a third of 18- to 29-year-olds say social networking sites are the most helpful source of information about the upcoming presidential election, the Pew Research…

Take the risk

By Gracie Stackhouse | As graduating college seniors, we can all agree that there is one looming question constantly hanging over our heads. Most of us probably hear it on a daily basis, and quite frankly it’s terrifying and intimidating.   Like a loaded…

Jacksonville artist Keith Haring’s Ghost talks race relations, gun rights

Jacksonville-based graffiti artist Keith Haring’s Ghost was unmasked and arrested on Tuesday, March 18. Ghost has become known in recent months for illegally painting social and political messages on utility boxes throughout Jacksonville. He adopted the moniker of Keith Haring’s Ghost as tribute to the late Keith Haring, an artist who dealt with issues of love, race and gay rights.