Vet finds strength in numbers at college

By Tiffanie Reynolds |

Sitting in class, Adam Bagby watches a video about counterterrorism and Iraq projected at the front of the room. He hears gunshots and suddenly he’s there, following wires up the stairs of an abandoned building to a box at the top. Gently removing rubble around it, he finds that it is packed with C-4 explosives.

War creates violent behavior in our veterans

By Cal Colgan |

My cousin – let’s call him “Bill” – is a piece of garbage. It’s hard to be the “black sheep” in a family of eccentrics, but Bill accomplished that feat. After years of drug abuse and a caustic marriage with his high school sweetheart that ended in divorce, Bill left his ex-wife and children and signed up for the Army National Guard.

He thought going to Iraq would transform him into a decent human being, but he ended up in Fallujah in 2007, when it was largely held by the Iraqi insurgency.