Is healthy eating a luxury? Locals reveal cheap tips to eating right

By Emily Hoover |

For St. Augustine resident Sarah Alarcon, healthy eating is a luxury.

Because she said she lives on a small budget, and does not have a car, everyday expenses like housing and bill payments often come before eating nutritious meals. As a result, she said she worries about her health.

“My health situation is often terrible,” Alarcon, 21, said. “After I pay my bills, that change is how I get taxis to go to the store to buy food. Sometimes, that leaves me with $30 [for food shopping.]”

New Leaf: World Vegetarian Day

By Lauren Belcher |
Photos by Gorge Gallardo

This Friday, the Flagler College Dining Hall is going greener than ever. It is hosting its first World Vegetarian Day.

According to Executive Chef of the Dining Hall Keith Atkins, the dining hall will be hosting monthly themes. Thanks to a growing trend and popularity with the new vegetarian station, Oct. 1 will be WVD.

He said the two mobile stations will go “totally all vegetarian.”

The First Anniversary

By Lauren Belcher |
Graphic by Victoria Van Arnam

As I came upon my year anniversary of being a vegetarian this month, I couldn’t help but think about how much has changed in the last year.

Since September 18, 2009, I have changed in so many ways.

New Leaf: Vegetarian and vegan fast food options

By Lauren Belcher |

Once you make the decision to become vegetarian or vegan, you typically have to eliminate fast food from your diet. But, you don’t have to.

The fast-food chains are finally catching up to the times and providing more options. So whether you are a full-blown vegan, a softhearted vegetarian, a person who wants to reduce their meat intake or anything in between, you now have options. If the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is not an option, you can at least reduce the amount of meat you consume.