Pedicab Expands With More Bicycles, Weddings and Events

By Matthew Goodman | Known for its service as an inexpensive, eco-friendly taxi, Pedicab of St. Augustine has huge plans for expansion in 2015. Ashley Mentor, a Flagler College alum, started Pedicab in 2010 during her junior year of college. She has since bought…

Locals recount train-hopping across America

By Cal Colgan |
Photos By Aaron Beasley

Rane Harrington’s favorite method of travel doesn’t involve shelling out gas money or cash for an expensive plane ticket. Instead, Harrington hops trains.

Harrington packs an extra set of clothes into a big bag, in case he gets covered with the filth from the dust of the box car or the airborne debris flying past the train. Popularized in the Great Depression by hundreds of hobos looking for out-of-state work, train-hopping still has a loyal following of people across the country.

Students take interest in skydiving

By Jaclyn Miklos |
Photo by Lindsay Widdell

Flagler College Senior Kory Duffy faced fear head-on, jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet plummeting toward Earth.

“Skydiving is unbelievable,” Duffy said. “There are no other words to describe it. I think every college student should experience this while their young.”