Guide carves niche out of telling 400 years of black history

By Cal Colgan |

Howard Lewis is frustrated that while the city of St. Augustine has started to recognize the importance of the civil rights movement in shaping the town’s history of race relations, most tour guides have left out 400 years of black influence in the nation’s “Oldest City.” He said they do not even acknowledge that Augustine of Hippo, the famous philosopher and theologian who is the town’s namesake, was an African.

“If you look up St. Augustine, you’ll see that he was born in Médéa, and the Internet will tell you that that is now Thagaste, Algeria,” Lewis said.

New Leaf: eco-friendly tours

By Lindy Almony |

A simple look along Florida coastlines, will prove to be one of the best things our city has to offer.

Kept along 77,000 acres of untouched space and beauty are the most diverse and best kept estuaries in our area. This space, which spans from Jacksonville Beach to the Marineland area, is exactly what attracted Chris Kelley to the area, and inspired him to open Ripple Effect Kayaking Ecotours.