Boys Lacrosse team transforms challenges into triumphs

By Megan Pariseau | The Flagler College Men’s Lacrosse team hit their stride when former Florida State University coach Bill Harkins was assigned to the team. Alex Steers, who has been the captain of the team since his freshman year, was excited when Harkins decided to coach the…

A look at life on the cross country team

By August Carriuolo |

I’ve always found a great sense of satisfaction when pushing myself beyond both my physical and mental limits. It’s that empowering sensation of accomplishment one experiences as they push through their own mental barriers on what’s possible and drive themselves further than they ever believed imaginable; only to then start over the next day and repeat the entire process, setting their sights on even higher goals and working harder each day to obtain them.

Surf team looks to California

By Matthew Pagels |
Photo by Matthew Pagels

Each semester the Flagler College Surf Team competes once a month for four months, adding up to a total of eight preliminary contests per year. For every victory or placement, the team earns points. These points are gained to qualify for the East Coast Championship, which takes place early in April.

The club’s goal is to achieve third place or better, which advances them to the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) college title. Once completed, the surf team takes a trip out west to California in the summer for a week to compete for the national title.