Many fear Common Core holding students – and teachers – back

By Emily Topper | gargoyle@flagler.edu With a focus on testing, Common Core results in more stress, not knowledge. The re-election of Gov. Rick Scott means more changes for education in Florida—but many Florida residents think the changes could cause more harm than good. Though Scott…

Higher teacher pay will bring quality education

By Lindy Almony | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Americans speak often about investing in the future with K-12 education. President Barack Obama said during a speech in February that, “Education is an investment that we need to win the future.”

How much, though, do we really invest in education in this country? And how much does the success of our education programs depend on the teachers?

The easy way out of a tough spot

By Caroline Young | gargoyle@flagler.edu

New Florida Gov. Rick Scott has always said that he knows what is best for Florida education. His new law, the Student Success Act makes standardized tests the main evaluation tool for teachers’ abilities. And, he says it weeds out the fruitless ones.

Contrary to Scott’s belief, this law is everything but the best choice for our state’s suffering education system.

New teacher pay law stifles student learning

By Cal Colgan | jcolgan@flagler.edu

Class is about to begin. Today’s lesson starts with a simple question: How effective are state tests at determining student performances?

Ah, good. You realize this is a loaded question. After all, the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test is one of the most controversial standardized tests in the Sunshine State’s public schools. Since its passage in 1996, the FCAT has garnered praise from lawmakers and harsh criticism from teachers and their advocates.

Florida educators hurting because of government

By Mari Pothier | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Florida’s done it again, shooting itself in the foot when it comes to public education.

The state already struggles in this department, but Gov. Rick Scott signed into law the Student Success Act that will make standardized tests like the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test the basis for teacher evaluations and pay. Also with the act, new teachers coming into the system will not be able to receive tenure.