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Students want to explore world despite terrorist attacks

By Susan Boswell and Taylor Long | Three major terrorist strikes in the past year, including the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris which left 130 dead and 368 injured, have shaken travelers worldwide. But many college students are undeterred and want to study abroad…

Student survives natural disaster in foreign country

By Caroline Young |
Photos contributed by Liz Lang

Flagler College senior Liz Lang was wrapping up her first Saturday night on the town in Chile when an earthquake struck at 3:34 a.m. on February 27.

“Two of my friends were outside skateboarding,” Lang said. “That was the scariest thing…we didn’t know where they were.”

Liz, a political science and Spanish major, was beginning the spring semester of her junior year studying abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile when an earthquake of an 8.8-magnitude hit.

Peruvian clinic serves kids with disabilities

Selfless doctor gives life, dreams to unfortunate youth in Peru with Hogar clinic

By Caroline Young |

Four or five of the children were covered in third-degree burns. One boy was missing a leg. Some were in wheelchairs. One was missing his ears. An older girl stared off into space unable to see, but she was smiling. They all were. They were happy, dancing and singing children.