Com Week or stress week?

em>By Kathleen Quillian |

For an average communication student, “Com Week” can be seen as a blessing. It is an entire week where informative lectures about the real communication world take the place of boring note taking in regular classes.

The motivating power of college pressure and stress

By Katy Stang |

It was 11 p.m. on a Thursday night and I, a 20 year-old college junior, was sitting in the library sobbing uncontrollably while editing a class project. Now, I know what you are thinking and no, I am not an emotional fool. It was something else. I had hit my metaphorical wall. The wall that appears when you have reached the limit of stress and utter BS that you are drowning in, and boy was I drowning.

Alzheimer’s awareness vital for understanding and compassion

By Mari Pothier |

Walking into the Alzheimer’s ward my eyes immediately began to fill up with tears. I tried to contain the drops that dripped from my eyes because I didn’t want to make my grandfather sad. Blinded by the tears I was holding back I struggled to see as we walked down the hall. But then I saw my grandmother wandering aimlessly towards us. She looked at my mother, grandfather and I but continued to walk past. It was then I lost control, she didn’t remember us anymore.

The Balancing Act

Dealing with Stress in the Middle of College Chaos

By Caroline Young |
Photo by Ashley Muller

Sophomore PJ Mistry strives to relieve stress in the midst of her busy lifestyle.

She is a double major in business administration and accounting, as well as a project coordinator in Flagler College Students in Free Enterprise.

Mistry calls her priorities a “four tier balance” system, which includes her family, friends, school and herself.