Social Media

Social media leeches happiness

By Ally Wall | For most college students, social media is everywhere. There is no escape, and the endless scrolling is suffocating. Anxiety and depression have become the leeches of happiness; social media is sucking the authenticity of life out of its users. LED screens and artificial…

Why I’m a “bad feminist”

Recently, a man commented on photos taken of me for a local company’s website. While I usually never have problems on social media, his comments were negative and discriminatory. Though I was wearing a tank top and a pair of jean shorts, he told me the pictures were “rather revealing for a so called “feminist.”

Flagler College Students Read Yik Yaks

Yik yak, an “anonymous social wall for anything and everything” is gaining traction not only amongst Flagler College students, but across the nation. While an anonymous social outlet can definitely lead to hilarious outcomes, an astounding amount of posts negatively target others. Take a step…

Stepping back: gaining perspective on Facebook

On Aug. 1, I elected to take a month off and forgo my duties as a Facebook entertainer. My main goals in doing so were to reset my mind, strengthen my active relationships and impact others by encouraging them to question how social media is affecting their lives.

A new use for social networking

By Colleen Drew |

Flagler College offers a social media class that informs students how social networking can be used to create a brand for yourself and the company you represent.

Carolyn Adams, a communication major with a track in public relations, uses social media to her advantage.