SIFE Blog: Containers for a Cause Update

By Renée Chiaverini | Photo of Joe King opening our container Our Containers for a Cause project is moving along rapidly. We already have a container, which will be transformed into our first home shortly in the St. Augustine Record’s front yard. We are…

SIFE Blog: 8:00AM

By Victoria Van Arnam | We’re so proud of our team! We did the best we could at 8am for the top 20 semi-finals presentation this morning. We find out in an hour if we make the top 4!!! Immediately following the announcements of…

SIFE Blog: Rally of Champs

By Victoria Van Arnam | The Rally of Champions was incredible! The entire team got to run up onto the stage, wave the American flag and show our Flagler pride. We watched as the trophy that once decorated our student center was once again…

SIFE Blog: Enjoying Minneapolis

By Victoria Van Arnam | Last night we had a spectacular dinner with the President of Winmark Corporation, the head of Winmark’s Training Department, and the Play It Again Sports Training head. The presentation team had a wonderful time getting to explore some of…

SIFE BLOG: Presentation recap, plans for the day

By Victoria Van Arnam |

The team did incredible at the presentation this morning at 9. The presentation was on, the question and answer went great and the visual was perfect. We are about to go and eat with the executives and other teams. Right now, we’re at a career fair.

We ran into a number of Flagler alumni including Amy Waers, who works at Sam’s Club.

We’ll update again soon, but we’re really busy right now.

SIFE BLOG: Lunch and practice

Deann Jennings |
After arriving early in North Carolina, we ate lunch at an amazing deli near our hotel.

After lunch we went over to the conference center. Where we ran into Morgan Clevanger from SIFE headquarters; we traveledl with him to Berlin in October. We also saw our new regional coordinator, Brittany Attwood Dennis at the conference center. It is great to run into people we know!

SIFE BLOG: In Charlotte!

Victoria Van Arnam |

We arrived at our hotel in Charlotte, NC at one o’clock, after a seven hour bus ride from St. Augustine. The ride was quiet, most of the team stayed up the night before and packed or worked on the presentation.
We left at 7 and had a massive bagel and donut breakfast on the bus.

SIFE BLOG: Flagler SIFE ready for regionals

By Kyle Malucci |

The last day of practice went great today. Yesterday, we performed a formal presentation for some of the college staff and they loved it. We’ll be meeting at 6:30 in the morning for the seven hour road trip to Charlotte, NC. The 40 team members are hoping to get some sleep on the ride up along with some Q&A and presentation practice.