Syria crisis demands action

A few months ago, headlines screamed out about Syria. America was furious that the Syrian president was wrongfully mistreating his own citizens and the U.S. was ready to step in. Suddenly, the news died down and switched focus to Russia invading the Ukraine. The news no longer provided adequate coverage and Americans were left in the dark.

The friendship between Buddha and Allah

By Cassie Colby | I live in a world where I am surrounded by western religions and relics: crosses, “I love Jesus” t-shirts and paintings of well-fed baby angels. In the end, all of that is fine with me, since a huge pet-peeve of…

Athlete endures religious fast to grow in spirit and discipline

Story and photo by Eric Albury |

New year’s resolutions are never easy. Nor are they always followed through to the end. But for Elijah Hayes, backup point guard for the Flagler Saints, his first resolution is already coming to a successful close.

Hayes’ aim was to abstain from meat, dairy, refined sugar, starches and flour for 21 days. No easy task when he had practice six days a week and played 1 to 3 games a week. But Hayes said it was worth it.

The Movement sees no walls from students

By Liliana Cerquozzi |
Photo by Liliana Cerquozzi

For Ray Eme, The Movement was not just about having fun and performing respective arts in the name of God. It turned out to be more than that when the non-Christian community of Flagler College attended the March event.

The Movement was a weeklong event that held a religious panel, various nights of performances and a final dinner.