Students complain of hate speech after Trump victory

By Brianna Kurzynowski gargoyle@flagler.edu Some students at Flagler College say racist and sexist comments have spiked since Donald Trump was elected president on Nov. 8. “Trump’s presidency is already impacting me and everyone I love. We have been more publicly persecuted,” said Karina Aragon, a…

Through my “Oriental” eyes

By MJ Jeremiah | gargoyle@flagler.edu I grew up among a sea of trees and Asians in a small neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. Our mother engulfed us in Asian communities as she searched out the comforts of home. My childhood consisted of restaurants with chickens hanging…

Coming to terms with racism in the 21st century

By Cassie Colby | gargoyle@flagler.edu

“What are you?” is the question I’ve heard the most since coming to St. Augustine. Both black and white people ask me this question. It no longer fazes me, unlike when I first got here. I would wonder, “what are they talking about, ‘what am I?’ What do I look like?”