Some students feeling post-election tension

By Lindsay Tahan Annie Dow, a senior at Flagler College, was shocked when she heard the words: “Pack your bags!” The voice came from a convertible emblazoned with Trump signs. Two men were in the car, which slowed down as she walked along the…

SGA President reinstated after arrest

By Alexa Epitropoulos | Student Government Association President David Arreola has been reinstated after a two-week investigation conducted by Student Services into his December arrest. Arreola, who was suspended indefinitely on Jan. 14, resumed his role as president in February. The investigation began once…

Students stay at home, despite claims of economic recovery

America’s economy hit a major downturn in 2008. The housing bubble crises left Americans in economic turmoil, leaving many individuals financially destitute. Many questions have developed concerning the recovery rate. If the economy is recovering, as the media suggests, why are so many college students…

ObamaCare and college students

By Hannah Bleau |

The world notoriously stereotypes college students as sedentary. Life consists of sleeping in, eating pizza and free doughnuts, wasting money, and half-caring about school. But this stereotype isn’t always true. Many students are faced with many obstacles that they need to overcome, and by no doubt, need all the help they can get. One of the biggest obstacles has been health care, and many college students are wondering about this big question: Is ObamaCare going to hurt or help college students?