Phi Alpha Omega

Bidding of Bachelors Feeds 15 Children

                      By Sarah Smith| Suits, pajamas, lion costumes and barely-there boxers were the variety of attire worn by the bachelors of Phi Alpha Omega’s 25th Annual Bachelor Bid. The dapper men dressed up and…

SGA approves Photography Club, defers Adventure Club

By Lauren Belcher |

Student Government Association will soon allow students to weigh in on how SGA should spend its money.

SGA President David Matulewicz announced this during his executive report at Tuesday night’s SGA meeting. He said a mass e-mail will be sent to students with the current balance of each committee’s budget. SGA is asking students to send in thoughts on how it should spend committee money.

Phi Alpha Omega kicks off awareness month

Phi Alpha Omega, a women’s service club on campus, is holding a “Save Second Base” kickball tournament Saturday, Oct. 24, at 11 a.m. to raise breast cancer awareness among students during the month of October.

Phi Alpha Omega recognizes the importance of breast cancer awareness and will be holding multiple events throughout the month.

Phi Alpha captures campus attention with ‘Lewis Idol’

By Kerry Takach |

Lewis House’s balcony and the surrounding area crowded up for an unusual reason on Sept. 16 – Phi Alpha Omega’s “Lewis Idol.”

“Lewis Idol” was part of Phi Alpha’s spirit week, which led up to an interview day required for membership in the service organization. The interview day is the final step in member selection.