personal essay

A call to revise ‘resolutions’

I never understood the annual month-long craze of the ‘new year, new me’ trend. Every January, millions of people tell themselves they’re going to turn over a new leaf and make a better life for themselves: they’re going to go to the gym again, they’re…

I Was Finished

Ally Wall My ears ring with the sound of tearing muscle. Three monstrous pops and the world went black. The grains of sand on the cool hardwood floor were illuminated by fluorescent lights from above. The gymnasium had never been more deafeningly silent. My face…

Modern Women: Flipping the Narrative

By Lauren Piskothy | Over analyze, over correct, over prepare, rinse and repeat. That is the standard I hold myself to and yet I still feel timid when I walk into a room where I’m expected to direct a scene I’ve written and dreamt…

Looking forward, searching for my biological mother

Even when I was a kid, the shelves in my room were always overflowing with books. I read everything from The Boxcar Children to The Babysitters’ Club, Tallahassee Higgins to Harriet the Spy. My parents raised me to be a voracious reader, and that’s never changed.

The Shape of Success

Growing up, I was never considered to be a “big” person. I stayed pretty average throughout high school, relying on moderate exercise and a teenaged metabolism that I didn’t appreciate until it was gone. But by my sophomore year of college, I was obese.

Ran out by rats

By Gena Anderson |
Illustration by Megan Kovak

Did something just move? No. There’s no way.

Do I turn on the light or do I just crawl into bed in the darkness? I should turn on the light. There’s nothing in my room.

Grocery Eve

By Gena Anderson |
Photos by Phillip C. Sunkel IV

With extreme consideration for the manner in which I crafted each letter, I begin my list.

First came the basic things needed for everyday survival: cranberry juice, bread, eggs, cheese, rice, carrots, apples, soy yogurt, pasta, Ramen and tortillas.

The First Anniversary

By Lauren Belcher |
Graphic by Victoria Van Arnam

As I came upon my year anniversary of being a vegetarian this month, I couldn’t help but think about how much has changed in the last year.

Since September 18, 2009, I have changed in so many ways.

College homesick blues

Gena Anderson |

My first day alone at Flagler I stayed up the entire night on the West Lawn with some other students I had met only hours before. It was one of the most invigorating feelings I had ever known.

There is a certain novelty in the newly discovered freedom that comes with leaving home for the first time. For a lot of people, including me, that means going away to college.