Pedro Menendez High School

Rising concern about concussions in sports

By Troy MacNeill | BOOM! All you can hear is a ringing sound in your ears. You feel the ground spinning. Your head is aching. The lights are on, but nobody is home. If you ever played contact sports growing up or were around…

Visa trouble threatens basketball dream

By Montana Samuels | It was Dec. 1 on an unusually warm day in St. Johns County in northeast Florida. The Pedro Menendez High School gym was near empty at 6:20 p.m., 20 minutes after the game’s scheduled start time. The other team, the…

Former Menendez linebacker’s talent reaches beyond playing field

By Zach Gray |

Star athletes like former Pedro Menendez linebacker Tony Steward don’t come around very often.

Like so many other studs, Steward has all of the athletic accolades that, for most of us, exist only in dreams. For the 2011 recruiting class, he was ranked as the country’s 13th overall prospect, according to Furthermore, Steward’s exceptional talents earned him a scholarship to continue his career at Clemson University. With the world of athletics seemingly in the palm of his hand, it is Steward’s off-the-field lifestyle and endeavors that truly set him apart.