Peach Belt Conference

“Shorty” Spencer breaks scoring record in loss to Saint Leo

Score one for the record books. In Flagler College women’s basketball 2013-14 season opener Monday, senior point guard Williesha “Shorty” Spencer broke Flagler’s all-time individual record for points scored with 44 points. Heidi Nissen last set the record on Dec. 11, 1991, when she scored 39 points vs Ed. Waters.

Overcoming obstacles: Draper pursues pro dream

Education is important. But sometimes when an offer so great is reeling at your fingertips, you have no choice but to drop the ball and put it on hold. Well, in Robyn Draper’s case, “dropping the ball” is the exact opposite of what got her an offer in the first place.

The rise to glory: women’s basketball team sets sights on record season

By Matthew Pagels |

The final minutes couldn’t go any slower for the Flagler women’s basketball team, but when the clock hit zero, they knew Feb. 20 will be a day to remember.

After winning only two games (four overall) last season, the women’s basketball team clinched a Peach Belt Conference playoff berth for the first time ever. The team is having a turnaround season, owning a conference record of 10-8 (13-11 overall). With two games left, they have the opportunity to have a winning season for the first time in five years, according to Head Coach Lang-Montgomery.