Opt for organic: You might be surprised what you find

By Jordan Puyear | Ah, the good ole days. As a kid, you would be elated, if not shocked, to find a special surprise inside your lunch box. Whether it was a Lunchables, Fruit Roll Up, or, if you were really lucky, Gushers! As…

Gargoyle Challenge: 30 Days to Organic

It is only your second class of the day and you feel like you can’t go on. A nap is calling your name while the professor lectures you to stay awake. Why is it so hard to stay awake? Why is it so hard to focus? It could be that you stayed up too late studying for midterms, but it could also be what you are eating.

Go Local: Go Kookaburra

Local business owners Spencer Hooker and Megan Vidal share the how’s, what’s and why’s surrounding St. Augustine’s most popular coffee shop, The Kookaburra.

Is healthy eating a luxury? Locals reveal cheap tips to eating right

By Emily Hoover |

For St. Augustine resident Sarah Alarcon, healthy eating is a luxury.

Because she said she lives on a small budget, and does not have a car, everyday expenses like housing and bill payments often come before eating nutritious meals. As a result, she said she worries about her health.

“My health situation is often terrible,” Alarcon, 21, said. “After I pay my bills, that change is how I get taxis to go to the store to buy food. Sometimes, that leaves me with $30 [for food shopping.]”

New Leaf: Community Supported Agriculture offers breath of fresh air

By Lauren Belcher |
Photo by Josh Weaver

PHOTO CAPTION: Jeff Baptist, local farmer, and Joanna Dembek (right) assist potential customers at the Old City Farmers market. Baptist grows organic produce with the help of his community supported agriculture program.

Jeff Baptist is a real farmer, and his farm, Spring Song Organic Farm, grows certified organic fruits and vegetables. He has a Community Supported Agriculture program.