Texting creates sub-par grammar, some say

By Emily Hoover |
Artwork by Victoria Van Arnam

College and high school students are forgetting basic rules of English grammar thanks to endless hours spent sending text messages and chatting on social networking sites, some Florida teachers say.

“Their grammar is horrible, and it’s not just the bigger things,” said Debra Couch, an advanced placement English teacher at Flagler Palm Coast High School in Flagler County. “Far too many of them don’t pay attention to how, what and when they capitalize and their commas are either non-existent or they litter the paper.”

Students struggle with debt, cost of living

By Cal Colgan |
Photos by Cal Colgan

Sitting in his bare living room without a couch, Jay Bergstrom said he can’t afford things like furniture until he pays off Flagler College.

Bergstrom withdrew from Flagler during last semester after emotional issues made him decide it would be best to take a break from school and go back home to Michigan.

“When I withdrew, I worked out the student loans and everything and I found out I owe Flagler $1100,” he said.