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War creates violent behavior in our veterans

By Cal Colgan |

My cousin – let’s call him “Bill” – is a piece of garbage. It’s hard to be the “black sheep” in a family of eccentrics, but Bill accomplished that feat. After years of drug abuse and a caustic marriage with his high school sweetheart that ended in divorce, Bill left his ex-wife and children and signed up for the Army National Guard.

He thought going to Iraq would transform him into a decent human being, but he ended up in Fallujah in 2007, when it was largely held by the Iraqi insurgency.

Ringhaver endorses Rubio

By Matthew Boyle |
Photo by Matthew Boyle

PHOTO CAPTION: Chairman of Flagler College’s board of trustees and chairman and president of Ring Power Corp. Randal Ringhaver (right) endorses U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio (left) during a speech at Ring Power’s St. Augustine plant yesterday.

Ring Power President and Chairman Randal Ringhaver endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio yesterday during a press conference at Ring Power’s St. Augustine factory near World Golf Village.

For local parents, educators childhood obesity is not easy hurdle

By Ashley Wermick |

According to The Associated Press, one in three American children are now obese or overweight.

In response to that statistic, First Lady Michelle Obama introduced the “Let’s Move” campaign last week, which aims to eliminate childhood obesity in a generation. The campaign will make school lunches healthier, educate parents on healthy eating habits and encourage 60 minutes of physical activity daily.