Meet Flagler Student and Filmmaker Alexa Wint

By Joshua Noel | Filmmaking may be one of the most stressful, yet rewarding career of all time. Film directors are expected to know and endure every step of the craft, whether that be writing out the concept to a screenplay, finding and casting the…

Flagler Focus: Film student Sina Eslami

For some students at Flagler, enjoying films means movie nights with friends in the Ringhaver Student Center, or the occasional full length feature at the Gamache-Kroger Theater, but for Sina Eslami, film is more than a pastime: it’s a passion.

Big on Bond: Why 007 delights to this day

By August Carriuolo |

I make it no secret that I’m a huge James Bond. As a moviegoer, I simply love every facet of the character. That roguish demeanor, his witty humor, and his inextinguishable sense of confidence in the face of overwhelming odds; these are a mere few of the myriad of reasons the Bond character continues to delight myself and audiences worldwide to this day.

Flagler Film Festival to showcase independent films

By Emily Hoover |

Gregory von Hausch, director of the Flagler Film Festival, said the goal of the festival, is drawn simply in the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival’s slogan: “Vacation from ordinary films.”

The four-day event begins on Sept. 30 and concludes on Oct. 3 and all of the films are shown on Flagler campus. It is a spin-off of the Fort Lauderdale festival and will continue on a three year cycle.

MOVIE REVIEW: From Paris With Love

By Liliana Cerquozzi |

Put aside your ideas about John Travolta after seeing him dress up as an obnoxious mother in “Hairspray” and go see “From Paris With Love.” Your entire view on him will change as you watch him be a trigger-happy, wise-cracking loose cannon who gets rid of terrorists.


By Lawrence Griffin |

2012 features huge explosions of the earth as it falls apart. Roland Emmerich has pretty much created the be-all-end-all disaster film. Anything else he does will just seem like a regression now, because the scope of this film is just too huge for it to be topped again.

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Zombieland’

By Lawrence Griffin |

It’s all the rage in these times of economic crisis to make movies and books about the possibility of the ever-looming zombie apocalypse. And it is only fitting that in this time of zombie obsession, right at its twilight, comes “Zombieland,” a movie that isn’t at all afraid to be a trendy pile of pop culture insanity, and also one that remains very enjoyable while being exactly that.