medical marijuana

Looking ahead after medical marijuana legalized

By Roxanne Steward St. Augustine, Fla. – Priscilla de la Cruz sits on an armchair in Isabela’s Bar Cuba where she is helping open the shop for a friend. She wears a yellow sweatshirt decorated with a lion made out of marijuana. Her hair…

Medical marijuana supporters get revenge after 2014 snub

By Max Charles Florida voters have waited to two long years to get another crack at passing a medical marijuana legalization amendment that failed to pass in 2014. The amendment required at least 60 percent majority of the vote to pass. The amendment passed…

Medical marijuana on November ballot

By Troy MacNeill | Activists are rushing to raise millions of dollars to persuade voters to approve a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana in Florida. Nearly 58 percent of voters approved the amendment in 2014, but that fell short of the required 60 percent….