Ex-mayor: Some families losing their homes

By Jeff Batt | Some longtime residents of St. Augustine are being priced out of their homes as affluent homebuyers move in and snatch up prime real estate, says Tracy Upchurch, the former mayor of the town. The impact of gentrification is particularly noticeable…

Phase Three: Lincolnville Community Garden takes on composting

The Lincolnville Community Garden has been up and running for five years now and allows members, who donate $25 every 6 months, to have their own beds of plants. An initiative that the garden has taken on from the beginning is allowing members to compost their own food scraps to create nutrient rich compost product for their own beds.

Meet the face of the Corner Market

By Garrett Lemery | Photos by Victoria Gruber Nicole Smith has personal history with St. Augustine and particularly the Lincolnville neighborhood. The store she runs today, the Corner Market, is a continuation of that. It’s Smith’s attempt to revitalize the neighborhood she grew up in. “I…

Excelsior’s transition for the future

By Cassie Colby | In the heart of Lincolnville stands a two-story Spanish-style building; large trees with Spanish moss draped in layers over its branches shades one of St. Augustine’s unnoticed gems. The gem is Excelsior school, now known as the Lincolnville Museum and…

New plan may herald change in St. Augustine’s historic Lincolnville

By Alexa Epitropoulos |

In comparison to the colorful, tourist-dotted realm of downtown St. Augustine, Lincolnville is, in some places, dilapidated and desolate.

Here the dings of red trolleys and the clacking of horse hooves are rarely heard. Small businesses and restaurants, which are plentiful downtown, are rare. Some houses are unkempt and have fallen into disrepair.