Boys Lacrosse team transforms challenges into triumphs

By Megan Pariseau | The Flagler College Men’s Lacrosse team hit their stride when former Florida State University coach Bill Harkins was assigned to the team. Alex Steers, who has been the captain of the team since his freshman year, was excited when Harkins decided to coach the…

Lacrosse team introduced to Flagler students

By Matthew Pagels |

After years of students patiently waiting for Flagler to create a lacrosse team, the time has come. Flagler now offers an intercollegiate club team. They currently have a three-year plan to join the Men’s College Lacrosse Association.

Flagler College student Landon Clair, 20, was the first to show initiative in getting a lacrosse team together. He is now one of the captains of the club.

“The whole point of starting this club was so that we could just play lacrosse at Flagler and have some fun,” Clair said. “We all love playing, and we’re ultimately looking to start something that will last with the college.”

SGA approves 2 more clubs

By Lauren Belcher |

The Student Government Association approved both a Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse Club as well as a Flagler College Greenpeace Student Network at its third official meeting on Sept. 29.

It has been about a year since co-presidents Ben Cannady and John Miller decided a Lacrosse Club was needed at Flagler College.