Finding direction, passion through internships

Waking up at 3 a.m. should never be on top of anyone’s to-do list—and neither should being enrolled in 18 credit hours. However, as an intern for WJXT-Channel 4 news, a student at Flagler College, part-time waitress and the social media editor for The Gargoyle, my priorities were everywhere.

Little Miss Sunshine

I must be a strange sight as I walk along U.S. 1 wearing business attire and carrying my writing portfolio and resume. I’m searching for one of the multiple used car dealerships that line the intersection of King Street. As I spot a man waiting alone with a duffel bag at his side, I figure I must be in the right place.

Jacksonville artist Keith Haring’s Ghost talks race relations, gun rights

Jacksonville-based graffiti artist Keith Haring’s Ghost was unmasked and arrested on Tuesday, March 18. Ghost has become known in recent months for illegally painting social and political messages on utility boxes throughout Jacksonville. He adopted the moniker of Keith Haring’s Ghost as tribute to the late Keith Haring, an artist who dealt with issues of love, race and gay rights.

Ancient City Stories Bringing Light to St. Augustine Locals

St. Augustine and some of its residents can prove to be very quirky and interesting people. Ancient City Stories is a new series first aired early this October produced by Flagler students and alumni that seeks to shed light on notable St.Augustine locals. The show has been picked up by CW-17 in Jacksonville and airs once a week on Sundays at 6 pm.