Muslim club fights intolerance

By Brianna Kurzynowski| Not everyone was happy when students at Flagler College decided to start a club aimed at educating people about Islam. Organizers had announced their plans on Yik Yak, a social media platform. The announcement came not long after the Nov. 13…

Syria crisis demands action

A few months ago, headlines screamed out about Syria. America was furious that the Syrian president was wrongfully mistreating his own citizens and the U.S. was ready to step in. Suddenly, the news died down and switched focus to Russia invading the Ukraine. The news no longer provided adequate coverage and Americans were left in the dark.

The friendship between Buddha and Allah

By Cassie Colby | I live in a world where I am surrounded by western religions and relics: crosses, “I love Jesus” t-shirts and paintings of well-fed baby angels. In the end, all of that is fine with me, since a huge pet-peeve of…