From euphoria to panic to post-graduation blues

By Nikki Ross | Five days a week Eric Rojas goes to work, turns on the lights and sits behind a counter and sells fandom merchandise to tourists. He’s glad he has a job at Fantasyland so he can pay the bills, but this…

Take the risk

By Gracie Stackhouse | As graduating college seniors, we can all agree that there is one looming question constantly hanging over our heads. Most of us probably hear it on a daily basis, and quite frankly it’s terrifying and intimidating.   Like a loaded…

College had its highs and lows

By Christine Valentine |

I am graduating this December. After almost 20 years of homework and tests, it will all be over. Just like that. Just over four years in college and I will be walking away from campus for the last time on December 11, 2010. Honestly, I never imagined this day would actually come. Especially when you take into consideration what a terrible student I was as a college freshman. I mean, I was a good student. I didn’t talk in class and I paid attention, or at least pretended too. But, I never studied. I would come home and take a nap or waste time watching TV or playing Peggle.