Stepping back: gaining perspective on Facebook

On Aug. 1, I elected to take a month off and forgo my duties as a Facebook entertainer. My main goals in doing so were to reset my mind, strengthen my active relationships and impact others by encouraging them to question how social media is affecting their lives.

Where do you fit in at Flagler?

The concept of “fitting in” at college has always been tricky. Whether you’re a member of the mock trial team, an athlete, a worker, an Student Government Association member, a rebel or something in between, you fit it at Flagler because you go to Flagler.

College homesick blues

Gena Anderson |

My first day alone at Flagler I stayed up the entire night on the West Lawn with some other students I had met only hours before. It was one of the most invigorating feelings I had ever known.

There is a certain novelty in the newly discovered freedom that comes with leaving home for the first time. For a lot of people, including me, that means going away to college.

The One You Love

By Lauren Belcher |
Photo by Lauren Belcher

I missed my best friend’s birthday.

Not because I wasn’t close enough to attend; I’m right down the street. I’m still not sure why I chose to miss her birthday. All I know is: I woke up that morning and decided I couldn’t be there and I needed to spend time alone.

To anyone who knows me, that sounds like a joke. I hate being alone. In fact, I do everything in my power to avoid it (read my earlier piece if you don’t believe me.)