YiTrinity pushes local music scene to higher level

By Ashley Wermick |

Director of YiTrinity Ray Eme had one mission in mind when he took office: provide St. Augustine with a place to start a music scene. Eme is a Flagler junior who became director December 2008.

YiTrinity is located at Trinity Church on the corner of St. George and King streets. The organization is a ‘music venue with a message.’

Tokyo Thai freshens Oldest City’s sushi scene

By Kerry Takach |

New restaurant Tokyo Thai pulled Flagler students Adrienne Sutton and Ellen Gambrell away from their usual sushi haunt, at least for one night. Located on Anastasia Island in the Publix shopping center, the restaurant’s menu describes it as a Thai and Japanese sushi and grill. There to compare it to favorite Fusion, senior Sutton and junior Gambrell junior ignored the Thai and grill descriptions.

Downtown gets spicy with Taco Shop

By Kaitlyn Teabo |
Photo by Maggie Strassel

A new Baja Mexican style taco shop opened on Saint George Street early September.

The Taco Shop’s owner, Nicolas Kimball, said he learned most of the recipes featured on the menu in fourth grade on “bring your mom to work day.” He grew up with food and wanted to have a place where others could share his love for tacos.

Kulture features local music

By Emily Hoover |

As the economic recession takes its toll on St. Augustine, the local music scene is bouncing back. On Friday, Sept. 11, local band Geny Pigs united with international guitarist Dixie Duncan for a concert at Kulture Hookah Lounge on West King Street.