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SIFE Blog: Vote for Veterans!

Flagler SIFE is asking the public to support veterans by going online and voting for Veterans Farm. Voting for the contest is from March 7 through April 3. To view the video and vote, go to Get on the Shelf.
Watch Veterans Farm video on YouTube

Flagler College’s Students in Free Enterprise team is working on a project to change the lives of disabled combat vets by landing a veteran-made product on the shelves of every Walmart store.

SIFE Blog: Made it through the first round

Made it to the Top 20 in the 2011 SIFE National Exposition! We will be presenting again on Thursday at 11:05 a.m. The awards ceremony was a lot of fun. Our treasurer, Estefania Mones, received recognition for two scholarships and Michelle Olson-Rogers received the SIFE…

SIFE Blog: Nationals!

The team practicing the presentation in our hotel. We safely arrived in Minneapolis, MN! We have been enjoying the wonderful food options in the city and the cool weather. We travel around indoors through skyways or as we call them, “gerbil tunnels.” Some of our…

SIFE Blog: Project Update

By Neil Boyle | SIFEMedia@flagler.edu

Containers for a Cause
Containers for a Cause is one of our newer projects, started last semester, it is one of our largest and fastest growing. Containers for a Cause takes used shipping containers and transforms them into low income housing.

SIFE Blog: 8:00AM

By Victoria Van Arnam | SIFEMedia@flagler.edu We’re so proud of our team! We did the best we could at 8am for the top 20 semi-finals presentation this morning. We find out in an hour if we make the top 4!!! Immediately following the announcements of…

SIFE Blog: Rally of Champs

By Victoria Van Arnam | SIFEMedia@flagler.edu The Rally of Champions was incredible! The entire team got to run up onto the stage, wave the American flag and show our Flagler pride. We watched as the trophy that once decorated our student center was once again…

SIFE Blog: Enjoying Minneapolis

By Victoria Van Arnam | SIFEMedia@flagler.edu Last night we had a spectacular dinner with the President of Winmark Corporation, the head of Winmark’s Training Department, and the Play It Again Sports Training head. The presentation team had a wonderful time getting to explore some of…

SIFE Blog: En Route

By Victoria Van Arnam | SIFEMedia@flagler.edu Got up at 3:30, to go to Jacksonville for our flight. We are now on the plane to Minneapolis! Everyone is ready to do their best (after a little nap)! More later. Photo of Mike Lambert, Courtesy of Joe…