Top 10 Realizations After Wearing Heels For A Day

By Jordan Puyear | If you are not used to wearing heels, then you will look like a baby bird trying to fly for the first time. -You continuously hold your hands out to keep yourself balanced, you just don’t look coordinated, and you…

From ROTC to tall fashionista

As a new category under the Arts and Entertainment section of the Gargoyle, we have decided to include fashion. The articles will inform readers about upcoming fashion trends, tips for shopping on a budget, tips for cleaning out your closet and other aspects of fashion….

Why I Thrift

  From her wardrobe to her room decor, Heather Seidel sees thrifting as a treasure hunt. Watch and learn why she won’t spend more than $10 for anything, even on Juicy Couture and Fossil.     Like what you see? Check out my other finds on…

The Style File: Dark or light is always right

By Eliza Jordan |

Go in your closet, or in other words, go crazy! Blindfold yourself and grab something. Now pull it over your head.

Chances are, if you snap on a bold, formal watch paired with an edgy fedora, you’ve more than likely got yourself quite the outfit, my dear.

What’s Haute: Haute Hues

By Jody Marich |
Illustrations by Jody Marich

Camel, rich purples, saturated colors and olive tones all fall into this season’s hot color scheme. With the temperatures dropping, colors are changing.
The burst of military in the fashion world has created more earth tone color options….