Stepping back: gaining perspective on Facebook

On Aug. 1, I elected to take a month off and forgo my duties as a Facebook entertainer. My main goals in doing so were to reset my mind, strengthen my active relationships and impact others by encouraging them to question how social media is affecting their lives.

Targeted Facebook ads cause concern

By Eugenia Tavarez | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College junior Keila Davisson recently started shopping online and has been noticing an odd trend in the advertisements she has seen ever since. On her blog, Google searches and other websites visited, Davisson’s advertisements have all curiously featured exactly her favorite bands, brands, and even events going on in her hometown.

Flagler’s community discusses Facebook and Google+

By Jaime Greco | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Google has stepped up the competition for the No. 1 social networking site, Facebook, by creating its own called Google+. The site aims to, “fix the awkward human way of online sharing,” the Official Google Blog said.

Google+ has been in trial for just about 100 days. Google has taken the suggestions and recommendations of its users and has already made nearly 100 improvements.

Eighty five percent of college students use Facebook, but the recent changes made by Facebook may have students of Flagler College leaning toward the fresh, new social networking site, Google+, and all the features it has to offer.

Social networking: more than a place for friends

By Gena Anderson | ganderson@flagler.edu

It was a late July night when the sound of my vibrating phone on my nightstand woke me from my sleep. The bright glow of the LCD screen burned my retinas as I squinted to read that I had a message from Facebook. Ren Anderson would like to be your friend on Facebook. I set the phone down ignoring this person I assumed was probably from high school and fell peacefully back into my slumber.

A new use for social networking

By Colleen Drew | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Flagler College offers a social media class that informs students how social networking can be used to create a brand for yourself and the company you represent.

Carolyn Adams, a communication major with a track in public relations, uses social media to her advantage.

Facebook OCD

By Christina Arzapalo | carzapalo@flagler.edu

Every night after work and before I go to bed, I find myself checking my Facebook and Twitter for one last time. And most of the time, ‘one last time’ means probably about half an hour of browsing my friends’ pages and seeing what they’re doing.