Hugh Shaw Remembered at 5th Annual First Coast Surf Clinic

The 5th Annual First Coast Surf Clinic was held Saturday Sept. 22 at the Crescent Beach ramp. The Flagler alumni and local residents as well as Flagler College students and faculty offered great support in learning how to surf. The clinic is a donation only event to benefit the Hugh Shaw memorial scholarship at Flagler College.

Club UNITY hosts Hooray! Day celebration on campus

By Alexandra Harvey |
Photos by Chrissy Makris

Club UNITY celebrated Hooray! Day on the West Lawn for the second consecutive year last Thursday.

“It’s a day all about celebration, awareness, education, and unity,” said Chris Lauth, Executive Director and founding member of Club UNITY.

Phi Alpha captures campus attention with ‘Lewis Idol’

By Kerry Takach |

Lewis House’s balcony and the surrounding area crowded up for an unusual reason on Sept. 16 – Phi Alpha Omega’s “Lewis Idol.”

“Lewis Idol” was part of Phi Alpha’s spirit week, which led up to an interview day required for membership in the service organization. The interview day is the final step in member selection.

Comic Ace performs at Flagler

By Ben McLeod |
Photo contributed by Adam Ace Entertainment

Comedian Adam Ace gives college students a chance to turn their brains off, laugh and get back to their schoolwork with a smile.

Ace tours the U.S. with stops at more than 400 colleges.

He said he tries to use comedy where students don’t have to think much. “I want them to be able to stop thinking about stresses from school and just turn their brains off and laugh,” Ace said.

Kulture features local music

By Emily Hoover |

As the economic recession takes its toll on St. Augustine, the local music scene is bouncing back. On Friday, Sept. 11, local band Geny Pigs united with international guitarist Dixie Duncan for a concert at Kulture Hookah Lounge on West King Street.

Flagler club scene gets windy

Kiteboarding club is in the works at Flagler, awaiting SGA nod

By Gian Louis Thompson |
Photo contributed by Katie Davis

The Flagler College club program looks to expand with the addition of a new kiteboarding club.

Led by Flagler freshman Chaz Lawrence, the new club expects to bring kiteboarding to Flagler students.

SGA’s new chief wants change

Matulewicz plans to give student government a make-over

By Cal Colgan |

While some of us have been dreading the start of classes, David Matulewicz seems excited for this year.
Perhaps that is because he can finally put his plans into action.