Phase Three: Lincolnville Community Garden takes on composting

The Lincolnville Community Garden has been up and running for five years now and allows members, who donate $25 every 6 months, to have their own beds of plants. An initiative that the garden has taken on from the beginning is allowing members to compost their own food scraps to create nutrient rich compost product for their own beds.

New Leaf: eco-friendly tours

By Lindy Almony | gargoyle@flagler.edu

A simple look along Florida coastlines, will prove to be one of the best things our city has to offer.

Kept along 77,000 acres of untouched space and beauty are the most diverse and best kept estuaries in our area. This space, which spans from Jacksonville Beach to the Marineland area, is exactly what attracted Chris Kelley to the area, and inspired him to open Ripple Effect Kayaking Ecotours.