Mixed up with Molly

By Matthew Goodman | gargoyle@flagler.edu

Molly only ever went to clubs. The flashing lights and incredibly loud music created a perfect atmosphere for dancing. Molly encouraged others to dance as the nights went on into the early hours of the morning. People searched for Molly as if there were an Amber Alert. It usually wasn’t very hard for them to find what they were looking for. Years later, Molly has ventured out of the underground club scene and into the public eye.

Residents say city’s Lincolnville plan gives neighborhood much-needed makeover

By Cal Colgan | gargoyle@flagler.edu

The parking lot in front of M&M Market has been mostly bare for the past few months, save for the patrons of the Chill Grill restaurant next door. But before the St. Augustine Police Department and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office helped to close down the corner store, many Lincolnville residents knew it as a hub for the community’s criminal activity.