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Parents cope with election aftermath

By Troy MacNeill ST. AUGUSTINE – This year’s presidential race was unlike any election in recent memory. The 2016 election was more like a Comedy Central roast rather than a political race. Hateful rhetoric and mean-spirited one-liners from each candidate only proved one thing:…

Protests – and praise – over Donald Trump’s election

By Courtney Knudson ST. AUGUSTINE – Cities across America have seen a backlash since Donald Trump won the presidency. On Monday, leaders of demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, were arrested after the protest turned violent. In St. Augustine, residents held a peaceful protest of their own on Nov….

Millennials are feeling the pressure

By Brianna Kurzynowski, Troy MacNeill, Becky Spreitzer and Ariel Thomas | ST. AUGUSTINE – Election Day has finally come for a nation torn in two and residents of the Nation’s Oldest City are watching the results closely. A key factor in this election is…

Presidential race divides voters on Election Day

By Courtney Knudson | ST. AUGUSTINE – Voters headed out in droves this morning to cast their ballot in one of the nation’s most controversial presidential elections in history. Once the votes are counted, one thing is certain: The president of United States will…

Political races draw mixed emotions

By Max Charles and Ariel Thomas| No matter who wins this year’s presidential election, it’s clear that 2016 will be remembered as one of the most politically charged. When asked this week about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, voters don’t hesitate to blast them both….