The Downtown Blues: Find the Cure this November

A deadly epidemic is sweeping across the ancient streets of sleepy St. Augustine. Stealing the morale of the city’s youth, symptoms of the disease include: grogginess, lethargy, frequent visits to establishments such as White Lion, and binge eating waffles at Cousteau’s. The disease is commonly referred to as: The Downtown Blues. There is good news…DB is entirely curable. Treatment includes avoidance of the downtown area of St. Augustine, primarily on the weekends. Here are a few suggestions to get you out of town and DB free this November.

Locals provide refuge for GOTR attendees

As the Gentlemen of the Road tour headed towards St. Augustine, many feared how the city would accommodate the projected 25,000 people. While the city steadily engineered ways to keep the commotion efficient, a few locals thought of their own ways to help out.