Phase Three: Lincolnville Community Garden takes on composting

The Lincolnville Community Garden has been up and running for five years now and allows members, who donate $25 every 6 months, to have their own beds of plants. An initiative that the garden has taken on from the beginning is allowing members to compost their own food scraps to create nutrient rich compost product for their own beds.

New plan may herald change in St. Augustine’s historic Lincolnville

By Alexa Epitropoulos |

In comparison to the colorful, tourist-dotted realm of downtown St. Augustine, Lincolnville is, in some places, dilapidated and desolate.

Here the dings of red trolleys and the clacking of horse hooves are rarely heard. Small businesses and restaurants, which are plentiful downtown, are rare. Some houses are unkempt and have fallen into disrepair.

Residents say city’s Lincolnville plan gives neighborhood much-needed makeover

By Cal Colgan |

The parking lot in front of M&M Market has been mostly bare for the past few months, save for the patrons of the Chill Grill restaurant next door. But before the St. Augustine Police Department and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office helped to close down the corner store, many Lincolnville residents knew it as a hub for the community’s criminal activity.

Homelessness in St. Augustine

By Shinavia Gore |
Pictures by Shinavia Gore

Seamus, a homeless man in St. Augustine, said he sees himself as a free spirit.

Seamus, who is from Pennsylvania, has been homeless since he was 19 years old. “This year will be 24 years,” he said. “Too long.”

He said he originally became homeless because of his drug addiction to cocaine. “It screwed my life up,” he said.

St. Augustine local shuns technology

By Cal Colgan |
Photo by Cal Colgan

St. Augustine local Sumner Gray would rather live in a makeshift shelter in the mountains than have the latest technological gizmo.

Last November, I interviewed Gray at his West Augustine home. Sitting out by his patio in front of a burned-out fire pit, Gray, 34, said he is interested in getting to the root of social problems, and he is not new to grassroots politics. He is the co-founder of People United to Stop Homelessness and a former co-owner of Loose Screws, the now-defunct independent music and bookstore that also served as an activist meeting center.

Flagler grows ‘greener’ with Hunger Initiative

By Caroline Young |
Photo by Matthew Boyle

PHOTO CAPTION: Chuck Riffenburg created the proposal for a Flagler College Hunger Initiative. The initiative will grow food for the hungry and homeless in St. Augustine.

Riffenburg is First Chair of Student Government Association’s Green Committee. Along with friend Joshua Currie, Riffenburg created the Flagler College Hunger Initiative. He is also an intern for CitySprout and is helping build the garden boxes in Lincolnville.