Muslim club fights intolerance

By Brianna Kurzynowski| Not everyone was happy when students at Flagler College decided to start a club aimed at educating people about Islam. Organizers had announced their plans on Yik Yak, a social media platform. The announcement came not long after the Nov. 13…

Lacrosse team introduced to Flagler students

By Matthew Pagels |

After years of students patiently waiting for Flagler to create a lacrosse team, the time has come. Flagler now offers an intercollegiate club team. They currently have a three-year plan to join the Men’s College Lacrosse Association.

Flagler College student Landon Clair, 20, was the first to show initiative in getting a lacrosse team together. He is now one of the captains of the club.

“The whole point of starting this club was so that we could just play lacrosse at Flagler and have some fun,” Clair said. “We all love playing, and we’re ultimately looking to start something that will last with the college.”

Flagler Model UN coming to fruition

By Kelly Gibbs |

Flagler students Patrick Ferguson and Natalia Andino, president and vice present of the Flagler Model UN, were all smiles when they sat down to discuss how excited they were about the club.

The Model UN Flagler team was given the okay to become an academic club on Monday, November 29 and is kicking it into high gear for next semester. Flagler Model UN, short for United Nations, is a team of students who go to conferences that are regional, national or international and debate how to solve theoretical global problems while acting as a specific country that they are assigned.