Even now, despair after the storm

By Lindsay Tahan ST. AUGUSTINE – Hurricane Matthew not only destroyed homes and businesses, but the aftermath of this hurricane left families including their children feeling hopeless and scared about their future livelihoods. Even after weeks since the hurricane hit, people are still without…

Looking forward, searching for my biological mother

Even when I was a kid, the shelves in my room were always overflowing with books. I read everything from The Boxcar Children to The Babysitters’ Club, Tallahassee Higgins to Harriet the Spy. My parents raised me to be a voracious reader, and that’s never changed.

Time to cut the rope on leashes for children

By J.P. Bouillerce |

Remember when the words “look both ways before crossing the street” was absolutely drilled into your head at around age 4? There would never be a car coming whenever you looked. But then there will be that one time when you saw the ice cream man across the street and you went into hyper mode and as you were about to run across the street a Ford F350 almost ends your still young life.

Smokers: This is your warning

By Victoria Hardina |

I am not an aggressive person. I rarely raise my voice, and when I do, it is usually out of excitement, not anger. There is one thing that will light me on fire, though … smokers.

With the music blaring and windows down, I was speeding along I-4 last Sunday afternoon. I was in very high spirits after spending the weekend with my family. Weaving through traffic, my eye caught a blue minivan.