Why FEC needs its own mini bistro

By Kristyn Pankiw |

It’s nice having such a small campus as Flagler College. Everything is located within a block’s radius, which makes going to class, visiting the library and picking up food when you’re on campus convenient and easy. Whether you live in Lewis, Cedar, or Ponce, you’ve basically got it made.

New Kenan area brings ‘big advantages’

By Grace Walsh |

For freshmen students at Flagler College, the new Kenan Plaza is just another section of Flagler’s beautiful campus. But for upperclassmen, it’s much more.

Ever since the Plaza was finished, students have turned it into an area of social gathering.

Students hold ‘mixed feelings’ on new smoking policy

By Lauren Belcher |
Photo by Phil Sunkel

For senior Mary Stamm, Flagler College’s new smoking policy is a breath of fresh air. Literally.

Stamm suffers from asthma and an allergy to cigarette smoke. She often has to use alternative exits in an attempt to avoid exposure to smoke. When told about the new restrictions Stamm screamed “Yes!”