body image

Overcoming ED

Flagler College student Brittany Asbacher publicly opens up about her extensive battle with anorexia nervosa, which spanned nearly seven years.

The Shape of Success

Growing up, I was never considered to be a “big” person. I stayed pretty average throughout high school, relying on moderate exercise and a teenaged metabolism that I didn’t appreciate until it was gone. But by my sophomore year of college, I was obese.

On the other side of the weight-loss bun

By Katy Stang |

I remember the day my mother came home furious, with my sister in tow. I had never seen her that mad, and after sending both my sister and me to our room, I found out why. My sister had been caught shoplifting. The manager at the supermarket had told my mom that if she had not been with my sister, she would have been arrested.

However, what piqued my interest was what she was caught trying to steal: ex-lax.