Boys Lacrosse team transforms challenges into triumphs

By Megan Pariseau | The Flagler College Men’s Lacrosse team hit their stride when former Florida State University coach Bill Harkins was assigned to the team. Alex Steers, who has been the captain of the team since his freshman year, was excited when Harkins decided to coach the…

Reaction to Michael Sam reveals media hypocrisy

As an avid football fan, I was surprised to see the media’s reaction to the first openly gay player, Michael Sam. Honestly, I didn’t think it deserved that much attention. Last time I checked, most football fans don’t care about the love life of the players.

Derek Jeter: Sports icon for a new generation

Every generation, there is a player in the professional sports universe that stands out above the rest. The Jackie Robinsons, Roberto Clementes, Wayne Gretzkys, Cal Ripkens and Tom Bradys make an impact not only in their era, but for the generations to come. Each one contributed something to their game that has made them immortals in the sports world.

A problem larger than Jameis Winston

When the sexual assault charges against Jameis Winston were dropped, the reaction was mixed. Some celebrated that the Florida State University quarterback and recent Heisman winner was cleared. Others, including the unidentified victim, thought it could hold others back from reporting similar crimes.