Straddling two worlds

Some children who are deaf or hard of hearing learn best through hearing aids and speech therapy. Others rely on sign language. Everyone learns differently.

Oldest City needs to brush up on historical knowledge

It’s a sunny afternoon during the recent 450th anniversary celebration of the founding of St. Augustine, no clouds in sight and a light breeze is coming off the Intracoastal Waterway. A women clears her throat and the interrogation begins. As she begins to ask questions that are beyond the ordinary realms of human comprehension, heart rates pick up, palms get sweaty and words start tumbling out of mouths.

We Are Flagler: Logan Taylor

  By Heather Seidel | Through both his religious beliefs and his roots in the LGBTQA community, senior Logan Taylor is used to dealing with the misconceptions that surround his identity. To combat the stigmas around him, Logan takes initiative to eliminate commonly held…

An Intimate Interview with Kirk Damato

By Heather Seidel |   Kirk Damato, Flagler alum and former A&E Editor, shares words of wisdom during his visit to Flagler College for Communication Week 2015. Follow Kirk on Twitter: @kirksays Read his BuzzFeed articles:    

Pedicab Expands With More Bicycles, Weddings and Events

By Matthew Goodman | Known for its service as an inexpensive, eco-friendly taxi, Pedicab of St. Augustine has huge plans for expansion in 2015. Ashley Mentor, a Flagler College alum, started Pedicab in 2010 during her junior year of college. She has since bought…

Go Local: Go Crave

By Heather Seidel | Andres and Renee, owners of Crave Food Truck, are determined to start a movement. Their mission? To supply sustainable, healthy and colorful and food to the St. Augustine community.        

Flagler Cross Country: GoPro Mile Repeats

Donning pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, we powered through six mile repeats in late October. As a team, we ran a mile close to maximum effort, rested for four minutes, then went at it again, over and over.

Go Local: Go Red Pineapple

     Red Pineapple is a clothing store located in Downtown St. Augustine. Notorious for it’s vintage twist, Red Pineapple is focused on bringing more affordable, local and handmade products to the community.