FCTV News: excavation at Mission Nombre de Dios

By Brenna Deblasio and Austin Sanchez | Researchers and archaeologists from Flagler College, University of Florida and the St. Augustine Archeological Society are currently excavating a site on the grounds of the Mission Nombre de Dios. In the late 1600s, Florida’s Spanish governor wrote to the…

FCTV News: Porpoise Point

By Lauren Schroeder | Shoreline erosion has become a recurring issue at Vilano Beach, Florida, and more specifically, Porpoise Point. While some residents and environmentalists are focusing on the long term affects of climate change, St. Johns County is focusing on current solutions to mitigate erosion and…

FCTV News: Solar City

By Austin Sanchez | A small South Florida community has developed a blueprint for sustainable living. Babcock Ranch president and residents detail what makes the first solar powered city in America unique.

FCTV News: Aphasia

By Austin Sanchez | Over 200,000 Americans suffer from aphasia, a condition which makes communicating following a stroke extremely difficult. Aphasia awareness activist, Tom Broussard, explains the condition with the help of a currently affected family.

FCTV News: University of Florida Bat House

By Austin Sanchez | The University of Florida’s Bat Houses are the largest occupied colony living in man-made structures. Producer Austin Sanchez documents the importance of bats to our eco system as well as the agricultural industry.

FCTV News: Mediumship and Healing

By Austin Sanchez | The work of a spiritualist and healer is critical to the pursuit of understanding the other side. Meet Lori Carter, a certified medium and healer with the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp.

FCTV News: Shell Bluff Landing

By Lauren Schroeder and Blue McGill | Shell Bluff Landing, located in the Guana River State Park, is slowly eroding away. However, this site has a wealth of information that provides Emily Murray of the Florida Public Archaeology Network with the data needed to…

FCTV News: Take Back the Night

By Takoda Porembski | In March 2019, producer Takoda Porembski documented the gathering of Flagler College students to unify and march downtown to raise awareness against sexual assault.